Marvel Hero Contest of Champions Tutorial

List of Marvel Hero Contest of Champions

In this first part of our tutorial for understanding the mechanisms of Marvel Contest of Champions, you will see a list of Heroes available in the game. These heroes will differentiate their stars. If the champion 1 star, you can get through the daily event-crystals or crystals. If the champion 2 stars, it will be accessible through Premium Crystals and as the Daily Champion 3 stars. By cons, champions 4 stars may only be recovered through Premium Crystals. You will find below the summary table of heroes.
The synergy between Marvel Heroes
Now that you know all the heroes that you will be able to recruit from Marvel: Contest of Champions, we will address the development of “synergies”. In fact, by combining certain heroes, you will get bonus effects allowing you to have an even more powerful team. This synergy will allow you eg to confront and defeat enemies you should not normally be able to fight because of your level. The table below will show you the possible effects and synergies with the various heroes of the Marvel license.
Rewards after completing a level
Whenever you get a new level in Marvel: Contest of Champions, you will get different rewards allowing you to increase the power of your team, recruit a new character, get gold, etc. The table below list the rewards so you know what to expect during the following events:
Tips farmer up
In order to have a better chance to progress in the game Marvel Contest of Champions and Heroes get 3 stars, you will level up and categorize your Heroes. This final part of our guide will aim to review the different chapters of the story to find out which parts of the adventure you will start to earn the most money possible and chests. With the table below you will see what path will be most profitable for you during your progress in the adventure of MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack .
Important: The online “green” will show you the best route to take when you have the choice between taking such path A or B.

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Upcoming Features in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution New Updates

Hungry Shark Evolution – is a dynamic action game for Android in which we use the evil bloodthirsty shark devours everything what in his way. We begin our ascent of small fish, but soon to be able to attack people and other large sea creatures. Development of the game with the London studio Future Games, and this is the fourth installment of the series, which is much prettier and has nice graphics. Many people know this studio on the popular game Grabatron about alien abduction.
 Hungry Shark Evolution


The game begins with the fact that we as a small shark, Master Ocean.Shark in constant need for food, so our main goal – to hunt and devour fish stocks.In addition to edible fish and crabs in the game also contains poisonous fish, jellyfish and more adult sharks that must be avoided.All the while, our shark is no food, he loses his life. Management in Hungry Shark Evolution was very simple, all control is carried out with a single finger.As we leaned against the screen, it seems a virtual joystick and whichever way we are towards the shark and float finger.
Physics of sailing in the game realistic enough twists and maneuvers are quite smooth. For the amount of the creatures that we will gain experience and levels eaten. With increasing levels of our shark significantly increases in size and may even be on the size of a small ship grow (just like the movie of the jaw). The fun begins at the moment when there are people in the game: There are also diving and fishing, and just relaxing. If you try, you can even grab a man on the shore and quickly swim away underwater.
The amount of blood in the game exceeds all reasonable limits and the madness of the process. All of this is high-quality graphics that can see even small details swallowing people can be supplemented. To get the add on features for free download Hungry Shark evolution hack.

Hungry Shark Development Features for Android:

  • High-quality HD graphics
  • Easy control with a finger
  • Dynamic Action
  • A huge amount of blood and violence
  • Bleeding¬†sharks and study skills
  • 5 species of sharks
  • 45 mini-missions
Hungry Shark Evolution – it is a great action game for Android, which is definitely worth a visit if you do not mind the abundance of blood and did not play very human context. By the way, on the same subject, it is another great game – Jaws Revenge, no less quality and bloody, recommend a look.

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GTA 5 Voted as The Top Game of 2015

GTA 5 is undoubtedly the king of open world games, in this fifth generation PC graphics at high resolution have made the game Rockstar Games, the most incredible ever created. With a larger map than seen so far in GTA Free Download San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption together, Los Santos (who becomes a transcript of the city Los Angeles) will be the starting point for the new GTA where we take control three characters and where we can enjoy freedom of movement and decision that gives us the total sandbox.

GTA V has been developed by UK company Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto 5 this is undoubtedly one of the most expensive games of all time. With $ 265 million of cost (cost double than its predecessor GTA IV), the new GTA managed to raise 800 million dollars in the first 24 hours that was put on sale. Since GTA 5 was announced, the announced publisher Take-Two stocks increased by seven points.

With overwhelming success at both the public and critics, GTA 5 has managed to bring his own genre to the top of the graphic quality, history and of course fun.
After years of development, the experience of the guys from Rockstar has made this GTA 5 has become a totally spectacular product. It has a perfect story, full of intelligent humor, charismatic characters and funny situations, all thanks to three years of continuous work to provide more than 100 hours of fun.

To give you an idea, the map of GTA 5 PC takes flown around half past three, creating cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, in addition to their already superb and memorable surroundings.

Now GTA V Hits 54 Million Sold also allows players to enjoy a new game mode that was not available in previous releases, now can switch between the classic game in the third person by a kind way first-person shooter in the purest style Read Dead Redemption and Max Payne (with the possibility to enjoy action in slow motion). The mechanics of driving is now also more realistic and fluid, being similar to what we see in the series of racing games like Midnight Club.

But undoubtedly the most significant change is that we can now control up to three characters after downloading GTA 5 PC, the characters are:

Michael, who is inspired by the character Tony Soprano, has 40 years of age, he is a family man and FBI informant. Looking to get out of his horrible life.
Franklin, a petty thief who is waiting to make the jump to play in a higher league.
Trevor, who is literally crazy, is an unstable personality and a psychopathic maniac, a criminal.
Each of the three will have its own story and have to deal with their own motivations and situations throughout the game. There will come a time when the lives of three cross in the game beyond belief.

There does not end fun that we can enjoy downloading GTA 5, but also enjoy the GTA Online and the recent robberies mode, which will lengthen the duration of the game for hundreds of hours.

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