Three reasons to run my business

Is there a reason for establishing 600,000 new companies every year? According to an informal survey of Inc, there are many reasons for your own SME management. Small business owners do not work as employees of large companies but ask about some of the reasons for preferring to own their own small business so that about 500 people 462 people) in response to this question. Below is the list of the 10 most common answers and some of the ideas of the entrepreneur who sent it (thanks to all those who participated).

1. Control my destiny

Many entrepreneurs consider themselves to be “Personality of type A”. In other words, if you own a business, you do not need to work for someone else. “Austin’s accredited financial planner, Kasey Gahler, resigned from a major company three years ago and launched the Gahler Financial business, is one of the reasons to have a small business,” When you control, business We decide how to run best in the future, which is impressive for some people.I need to know when and how to delegate my daily work to culture, brand It will lead to the creation of the organization. ”

You can find your own work-life balance.

One of the most commonly mentioned advantages of having your own business is to set your own time, work clothes at night, work next to your pet while you work, Even if you sit down, “Can you carry a knife, drive a car and spend time with a dog. Is it better than that?” A mobile umbrella repair company named Screen Mobil in Charlotte, North Carolina “It’s my most important goal of my life and I am making my own schedule so that I can spend time for my company’s son Zachary’s inspiration,” said David Winters, who runs it. Yummy Jackson says. They left a traumatic birth experience (weighing no more than 2 kilograms) where his story was shown in TNT ‘s 14 – hour movie (losing the power of his survival aircraft). He is currently Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO). My 9 year old healthy boy. ”

3. Choose who you work for

If you work for others, you rarely choose the person you work for. If you do not like your colleague, you better send a resume. This is not so if you own your own business as you have to decide who you hire (and fire). “I’ve hired hundreds of friends, family members, former employees who have worked extensively with me, for years,” says Christine Clifford, a continuing entrepreneur of Eden Prairie Enterprises . Minnesota includes Cancer Club and Divorcing Divas. , They take care of me so you have confidence surrounded by positive people and you need to advance forward excluding people who are emitting negative waves and if your organization is small , More choices Do you have? You work together. “

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