Three reasons to run your small business

Is there a reason for establishing 600,000 new companies every year? According to an informal survey of Inc, there are many reasons for your own SME management. Small business owners do not work as employees of large companies but ask about some of the reasons for preferring to own their own small business so that about 500 people 462 people) in response to this question. Below is the list of the 10 most common answers and some of the ideas of the entrepreneur who sent it (thanks to all those who participated).

You take risks and get rewards

There is no doubt that owning your own business is a dangerous business. But risk is reward. In other words, the better you manage the risk, the more reward you can earn. “What I like most about this business is the” game “of business. “Says California’s business owner Mark Dinges, California who created a sophisticated toy called Z Windups. “It’s like combining High Stakes Poker with the best strategy games – there are an unlimited number of variables in almost every aspect of the business, so you can think about controlling one thing right away.” Www.mjfriendship .com / German: … = 120 & lang = DE Everything has changed, my money is in danger, my decision (bad or bad) results Recognize a better opportunity to play than you need to live You will learn to master new products without regard to finance until you receive customer feedback or order and exit strategies You will also learn to develop and maximize the use of superior things Cooperate with your team for several years to overcome all obstacles and benefit millions of people around the world

2. You doubt yourself

Several people work the same way with their daily work. As an entrepreneur, you can challenge you everyday and offer new opportunities to learn creative and new things. Michael Wilson, co-founder of Mad Dancer Media, website design and brand management company headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee says, “Owners of small businesses rarely gain twice the benefit. “As we learn new things about the existence of business everyday, it is rich in taxes, bookkeeping, or other rushing into the execution of business, I learn to put things on track every day.

3. You can keep your passion

Many entrepreneurs say that the long time they invest in growing their business never feels like they are working to really enjoy what they are doing. “For me it was a very conscious decision to make a living with what I love,” says Trish Breslin Miller, who opened a hardware store at the age of 27 at the Little Gallery in 1989 . “Since I thought that I would spend more time for my life than I would do, let’s make it my passion, I promote what I do and I truly believe There is an American craft made in the United States.

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